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Become a League Manager on Predictor Leagues

AND raise money for:
  • Your team
  • Your charity
  • Yourself
Participants must be aged 18 or over.


Run your own League

  • End the confusion
  • Ditch the Fantasy Football
  • Become a League Manager
  • Set up your own Predictor League
  • Invite players to join your league
  • Set the weekly Game Fee
  • Select the matches each week
  • And raise funds for your club

Predictor Leagues: the social football predictions game

League Managers:

  • Select the weekly fixtures
  • Invite players into your Predictor League
  • Set the weekly Game Fee


  • Test yourself against other members of your League
  • Have fun and help your club to raise money
  • Invite your friends to enjoy the fun

Does your club need new kit or equipment?

Then Run a Predictor League for your club and raise the funds that you need

Do you organise a Fantasy Football competition?

Running a Predictor League is simpler and much more fun!