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To Begin:

  1. All players must be over 18
  2. Decide if you want to be a League Manager or a normal Player. As a League Manager you set up your own Predictor League, invite players to join in, select the weekly fixtures, and can make some extra money by running their Predictor League. See below for more details.

Participant Types:

There are two types of www.PredictorLeagues.com user:

1, "League Managers" – who set up and run a Predictor League:

  • League Managers set the weekly Game Fee (can be between 50p and £6.00)
  • League Managers set their League Manager's fee at between zero and 20% of the total weekly Game Fee Pot
  • League Managers invite players into their Predictor League
  • League Managers select the seven football fixtures each week that Players will predict the outcome of.

2, "Players" – who play in a Predictor League (League Managers can also be players in their own Predictor League):

  • Pay their weekly Game Fee – (which has been set by the League Manager)
  • Players make predictions of the outcome ("Home Win"; "Draw" or "Away Win") of the seven up-coming football fixtures selected each week by the League Manager. One point is scored for each correct prediction.
  • The player(s) with the best predictions each week wins 50% of the total weekly Game Fee Pot
  • The remainder of the total weekly Game Fee Pot (less the League Manager's fee and less the www.PredictorLeague.com platform fee) rolls up into a jackpot each week until a player(s) gets seven out of seven predictions correct, whereupon the jackpot would be paid out to that player(s).

PredictorLeagues.com - Game Play example:

  1. Assume a game with 10 players in a Predictor League and a weekly Game Fee of £1.00 per player.
  2. The League Manager has set his/her League Managers fee at the maximum i.e. 20% of the total weekly Game Fee pot.
  3. The total weekly Game Fee Pot is £10 (i.e. £1.00 per week for each of the 10 players).
  4. Each week the League Manager selects seven up-coming football fixtures from the football leagues (e.g. English Premier League, English Championship, Scottish Premier League, etc.) available in the PredictorLeagues.com system.
  5. Each week the players in the League Manager's Predictor League make predictions of the outcome ("Home Win"; "Draw"; "Away Win") of the seven football fixtures selected by the League Manager.
  6. The player(s) with the best prediction each week wins £5.00 (50% of the total weekly Game Fee Pot).
  7. Each week the League Manager is credited with £2.00 (20% of the total weekly Game Fee Pot) as his/her League Manager's Fee.
  8. Each week www.PredictorLeagues.com takes £1.50 (15% of the total weekly Game Fee Pot) as a "platform fee".
  9. Each week that the jackpot is not won another £1.50 (15% of the total weekly Game Fee Pot) rolls up into the jackpot.
  10. 10) If the League Manager decides to take a League Manager's fee of zero then £7.00 (70% of the total weekly Game Fee Pot) will be paid out to the successful weekly winner(s).

Personal Budgets for Gambling

We believe that all players of www.PredictorLeagues.com should play and bet responsibly, that’s why we have built in tools to allow players to set sensible limits to make sure they only bet what they can afford and so enjoy the website more.

  1. Players can set their own deposit limits which restricts the amount they can pay into their Predictor Leagues account in any 24 hour, one week or one month period.
  2. Players can only belong to 10 Predictor Leagues at any one time.
  3. The maximum weekly Game Fee for a any Predictor League is £6.00

If you are considering self exclusion, you may wish to register with GAMSTOP. GAMSTOP is a free service that enables you to self-exclude from all online gambling companies licensed in Great Britain. To find out more and to sign up with GAMSTOP please visit www.gamstop.co.uk

About Predictor Leagues

Predictor Leagues is a social football results prediction game where you can get together with your friends, colleagues or members of a club or team and compete against each other to correctly predict the outcome of Football League matches.

For more information, please see the Game Rules, the Help section, the Terms and Conditions and our Privacy & Cookie Policy.

Contact Us

If you have a general query, are experiencing a technical issue with the game, or would like to request that a limit be placed on your account, please Contact Us for assistance.

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