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Game Rules


Your participation in PredictorLeagues.com is governed by these terms and conditions ("the Terms and Conditions"). By registering with PredictorLeagues.com, you hereby agree to be bound by and to abide by the Terms and Conditions.

PredictorLeagues.com is solely and wholly owned by PEM Capital Limited, a limited liability company registered in England and Wales, company number [09411693] ("the Company"). Our registered offices are at 604, The Chandlery, 50 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7QY.

PredictorLeagues.com is open to those aged over 18 who have opened an account, been ID checked and pay the fee to participate in the Predictor Leagues game

For the purposes hereof, "PredictorLeagues.com", "PredictorLeagues", "we", "us" means PEM Capital Limited; "Game" means the prediction Game of PredictorLeagues.com; "League Manager" refers to a person who signs up to PredictorLeagues.com as a League Manager; "Player" refers to a person who is invited to join PredictorLeagues.com and signs up to PredictorLeagues.com as a Player. "Game Fee" refers to the fee (set by the League Manager) for each weekly prediction Game "Account" means each Player or League Managers account balance and "Website" means the website situated at http://www.PredictorLeagues.com.com.

Game Rules

Participant Types:

There are two types of www.PredictorLeagues.com user:

1, "League Managers" — who set up and run a Predictor League:

  • League Managers set the weekly Game Fee (can be between 50p and £6.00)
  • League Managers invite players into their Predictor League
  • League Managers select the seven football fixtures each week that Players will predict the outcome of.
  • League Managers keep the weekly Game Fee (less a small platform fee) as fundraising for their football, sports or social club
  • Once the League Manager has set up his/her Predictor League - none of the League settings (e.g., Game Fee) can be altered.

2, "Players" — who play in a Predictor League

  • Pay their weekly Game Fee — (which has been set by the League Manager) to participate in the League
  • Players make predictions of the outcome ("Home Win"; "Draw" or "Away Win") of the seven up-coming football fixtures selected each week by the League Manager.
  • One point is scored for each correct prediction.
  • Each week – the League Table shows the best Predictor Leagues player.
  • Players can invite other players into a Predictor League that they are a Participant in.

PredictorLeagues.com — Game Play example:

  1. Assume a game with 10 players in a Predictor League and a weekly Game Fee of £1.00 per player.
  2. The total weekly Game Fee Pot is £10 (i.e. £1.00 per week for each of the 10 players).
  3. Each week the League Manager selects seven up-coming football fixtures from the football leagues (e.g. English Premier League, Serie A, English Championship, Scottish Premier League, etc.) available in the PredictorLeagues.com system.
  4. Each week the players in the League Manager's Predictor League make predictions of the outcome ("Home Win"; "Draw"; "Away Win") of the seven football fixtures selected by the League Manager.
  5. The League Manager takes all of the weekly Game Fees paid (less a 15% platform fee) £8.50 as a donation to their football, sports club, social club or charity.
  6. Players with the most accurate predictions finish higher in the League table.

PredictorLeagues.com — Game Rules:

  1. Eligibility of Players: All players must be aged 18, in order to participate in the game.
  2. Making Payments: In order to participate, players must pay the weekly game fee.
  3. Predictor Leagues Game Week: The Predictor Leagues "Game Week" runs from Tuesday to Monday.
  4. Prediction Deadline: If a player misses his/her deadline (23:30 on the Monday where the Game Week which starts the next day) for making predictions, Predictor Leagues will automatically make predictions for a player with a balance in their Predictor Leagues account.
  5. Players Leagues Limit: Players can participate in a maximum of ten Predictor Leagues and any one time.
  6. League Manager Deadline: If the League Manager misses the fixture selection deadline (23:30 on the Monday — for the Game Week starting on the following Tuesday) the PredictorLeagues.com system shall automatically select 7 fixtures for them from the fixtures available on the PredictiorLeagues.com system in that Game Week.
  7. Rules Amendments: PredictorLeagues.com reserves the right to alter, amend or supplement the Game Rules from time to time in its absolute discretion. You agree that no liability shall attach to PredictorLeagues.com as a result of any such change and so are advised to check the Game Rules regularly.
  8. Terms and Conditions: The Game Rules form part of the PredictorLeagues.com Terms and Conditions and should be read in conjunction with them.
  9. Support: If you have any questions about these Game Rules please contact us on support@predictorleagues.com