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about PredictorLeagues.com

the Social Football Predictions Game

5 simple Steps to getting started:

  1. Register your details.
  2. Create your own League.
  3. Tell your potential League Members (friends, teammates, colleagues, etc.) to expect an invitation from you into your League.
  4. From “Manage Players” (when in the “Manage League” screen)… send your invitations by e-mail; or create a “social media pool” and send invitations by Facebook or Twitter.
  5. If you sent the invitations by e-mail — tell your potential League Members to check their SPAM folders if they can’t find the e-mail.

And then start playing…

League Managers

If you run a football team, football website or football blog and want to deepen your relationship with your members or “followers”, becoming a League Manager on PredictorLeagues.com is a great and fun way to do this.

Or you may just like football and have some friends!

Become a League Manager and invite friends, team mates, family, colleagues, etc. into your League.

Raise money for charity, your sports club, any other good cause (even yourself); or just play for the fun of it!


Play the game — test your knowledge of the Premier League, other English, Scottish and major European football leagues against friends, team mates, family, colleagues and other League members!

How much do you know?

How good are you?

Here's your chance to find out!