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Some of our most frequently asked questions are shown below. If the answer to the question you have is not on the list please contact us at: support@predictorleagues.com and we will be happy to help.

Download our handy illustrated Getting Started FAQ containing everything you need to know to start playing or get up and running with your own league.

For League Managers:

Q: Can I manage more than one League? A: League Managers can manage as many Leagues as they wish but can only be a player in a maximum of 10 Leagues at any one time.

Q: How do I invite Players to join my Predictor League? A: Currently you can invite players to join your Predictor League by e-mail, from your Facebook page or from your Twitter account, WhatsApp or other Social Media.

Q: How is the weekly Game Fee set? A: You choose the weekly Game Fee when you set up your Predictor League. The weekly Game Fee can be between 50p and £6.00, you should judge what the Players you invite into your League would be happy to pay on a weekly basis.

Q: How do I close a Predictor League? A: Go to your League Account Page when you are logged in as a League Manager and select "Close League" – you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to confirm the League's closure. Closing a League is not reversible and:

All players will be removed from the league and further play cancelled.

Any accrued League Manager Fees will be paid out to your nominated PayPal account.

Q: How do I take out my League Manager's Fees? A: From your "League Account" page select "Request Withdrawal" and you will be taken to a screen where you can pay your League Manager Fees into your PayPal account. NB: You will need a PayPal account to be a Predictor Leagues Manager.

Q: What happens if I forget to make a fixture selection before the deadline? A: If you've missed all of our warning e-mails and have been unable to make a fixtures selection before the deadline – our system will automatically make the selection for you to allow play to continue.

For Players:

Q: How does www.PredictorLeagues.com work? A: Have a look at our Game Rules page or our Help page for an explanation.

Q: Is there an age limit? A: Yes, all www.PredictorLeagues.com users must be over 18

Q: How do I pay my weekly Game Fees? A: You can your weekly Game Fees with a Debit Card or PayPal.

Q: How is the weekly Game Fee set? A: The weekly Game Fee of between 50p and £6.00 is set by the League Manager.

Q: Can I be a member of more than one League? A: You can be a member of up to ten Predictor Leagues at any one time.

Q: How do I pay money out of my account? A: If you have paid your weekly game fee but no longer wish to participate in the next up-coming weekly game – to get a refund of your game fee select "My Account" from the top tool bar when you are logged in and from the My Account page select the "Withdraw Funds" button, put in your PayPal account e-mail, we will then pay the re-fund into your PayPal account.

Q: How do I leave a Predictor League? A: From your "My Account" page select the "Leave League" button under "Request Removal" you will then be asked to confirm your decision to leave the League, which will then be irreversible.

Q: What happens if I miss the deadline for making predictions? A: Don't worry, as long as you have a balance of greater than the weekly Game Fee in your account our system will automatically make the predictions for you – so you will not miss out on the up-coming weekly game.

Q: What do I do if I have more questions? A: If you have any questions at all, we will be more than happy to help, contact us at support@predictorleagues.com and we'll do our best to answer them.